Show Announcement - Sam Roberts Band @ The Q Centre

So excited to announce that we've been added to the Sam Roberts Band concert at The Q Centre (formerly Bear Mountain Arena) on November 12th! Not only are we huge Sam fans, but this is our first arena show. We are pumped!

The icing on the cake? Our good friends, Pigeon Park, are also playing. Oh what a night this will be! Thanks to Atomique Productions100.3 The Q! The Island's RockThe Zone at 91-3 and Live Nation xoxoxo


New Music - Running Wild

It always feels good to release some new music. Running Wild was recorded in the same session as Love Like Mine with producer/engineer extraordinaire, Paul Boechler

The song is about our friend, Jesse Beninger. Back in 2012, we did an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money to record It Might Take Long, our most recent album.  As you've probably seen with IndieGoGo campaigns, there are a variety of different 'perks.' The more you donate, the better the perk. 

The pinnacle of perks included all the usual swag plus a private concert and a song written about you. Jesse, being the generous, supportive and loving friend that he is, claimed the top prize. He threw a big party in Goldstream Campground on Vancouver Island and that's where we debuted his song. Quite frankly, we butchered it!

We thought the song had potential so we continued to massage it's rough exterior. I don't think we really expected to record it, but when we went in to do Love Like Mine, we figured Running Wild made for a fine pairing. Now Jesse and all his greatness will forever be immortalized in a 44.1 khz, 16-bit, stereo WAV file. 

Thank you, Jesse! This one's for you...and us...and everyone else who enjoys it...