DK Cover on The Zone 91.3

We just got home from an epic weekend on Vancouver Island. Big thanks to everyone who came out to our shows. Also, it was so nice to play with the Deep Sea Gypsies again. Such a talented bunch. If you haven't heard their music, please do have a listen.

While in Victoria we stopped by beloved radio station, The Zone 91.3 FM, for an interview and live performance. One of the songs we played was a Daniel Kingsbury song called The Darkest Night. It was the last song of Daniel's that the 5 of us worked on together. Not only do we think it's absolutely beautiful, but it also holds a very special place in our hearts.

DK Tribute in Victoria

Our Vancouver show the other night was so awesome! Such a fantastic group of people. Cobra Ramone and Pigeon Park absolutely destroyed. We really appreciate everyone that came out to support us during this difficult time.

This afternoon we were treated to a heartwarming tribute to Daniel by Victoria graffiti artist, Pesto (aka Ian David George). We had no idea that this was happening. Huge thanks to Dane and the Ska Society for making it happen. It's incredibly sad that we can't see Daniel's face in person, but this will help hold us over until we get to see him on the other side. If you're in Vic, head to Wildfire Bakery at the corner of Quadra and Pandora to check it out in person.

And if you don't have tickets to our Ska Fest show in Victoria on July 1st, we suggest getting them ASAP. You can buy online or in person at Lyle's Place and The Reef. It's going to be a seriously epic night and we can't wait to share it with you all. xo

'Love Like Mine' To Be Played On 102.7 FM The Peak (Vancouver)

One of the perks of being in the Peak Performance Project Top 12 is that Vancouver radio station, 102.7 The Peak, is going to be playing Love Like Mine

Tomorrow (June 16th), the song will be played 3:45AM, 10:45AM, 3:45PM and 7:45PM. After that, it will get the same schedule of plays every 12 days until late October. If that's not enough Mindil Beach for ya, you can always call The Peak's request line: 604.280.1027

If you're in Vancouver and you haven't bought tickets to our show this Saturday at Imperial Nightclub, we encourage you to do so now. If you'd like to save yourself the service fees, you can arrange to pick up the tickets from the band by emailing